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 Game Abbreviations

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PostSubject: Game Abbreviations   Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:32 pm

(game statistics)
PP = Powerplay goal
SH = Shorthanded goal
EN = empty net goal
WG = goal scored with goalie pulled for extra attacker
Shots are for 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period, Overtime and Total (Ttl)
Passing: All (passes), Cmp (completed passes) P% (percentage)
Challenges: All (challenges, one-on-one stickhandling), Won (challenges won), P% (percentage)

* (infront of a name) = rookie
GP = games played
G = goals
A = assists
PTS = points
+/- = +/-
PIM = penalty minutes
PP = powerplay goals
SH = shorthanded goals
S = shots
PCT = shooting percentage
FO% = faceoff winning percentage
GW = gamewinning goals
Hits = Hits given (Hits taken can be seen in the player profile)
IT/G = average icetime per game
GA = giveaways
TA = takeaways
SB = shots blocked
GPS = games played streak
GS = longest goal streak (bold if ongoing, can be negative->drought)
PS = longest point streak (bold if ongoing, can be negative->drought)
Ra = overall rating (players are rated 4-10 in each game)
* (infront of a name) = rookie
GP = games played
G = goals
A = assists
PTS = points
W = wins
L = losses
OtL = overtime losses
T = ties
SA = saves
PCT = save percentage
SO = shutouts
GAA = goals against average (goals allowed per each 60 minutes played)
GA = total goals against
Ra = overall rating (players are rated 4-10 in each game)
Players/staff tab
(players) [goalie skill]
Po = position
Salary = salary
Ctr = contract years left
SH = shooting [glove]
PL = playmaking [blocker]
ST = stickhandling [pads]
CH = checking [agility]
MA = marking (or positioning, as U wish to see it)
HI = hitting
SK = skating [same]
EN = endurance [same]
PE = penalty (tendency to avoid penalties, low for enforcers, high for good guys) [same]
FA = faceoffs [rebounds]
LE = leadership (or experience) [same]
St = strength [same]
FI = fighting [same]
OF = overall offensive skills [overall of hands/feet]
DF = overall defensive skills [overall of positioning]
OA = overall of skills

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Game Abbreviations
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